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We are proud to create value for our customers, business partners, employees, investors, and our country by combining our company’s experience in this territory with its international strength since 1958.

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Who are we?

Since 1958, we have been operating in all non-life branches individually and corporately. Ray Sigorta, which went public in 1997, has been under the roof of Vienna Insurance Group, Europe’s most substantial international insurance company group, since 2009.

We aim to accompany our customers in their lives and provide all kinds of financial assurance they may need with our knowledge and international strength. We are here to create value with our continuously developed and innovative solutions in line with today’s changing dynamics by putting our customers, their valuables, dreams, and future at our focus. We are among the 100 most valuable brands in Turkey with the high business ethics, value creation ability, and customer satisfaction-oriented work of our company employees and business partners.

We continue to be the preferred brand with the know-how we gained from our experience in the sector, our technical infrastructure that transforms conventional business methods into digital technologies, our talented and qualified human resources, and our strong financial structure.

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Ray Sigorta in Figures

Our growing achievements

12.8 Billion TL Premium Production

With a record growth of 108% and market share of 3% in 2023, we increased our total premium production to 12.8 billion TL.

179.8 Million TL Profit

As a result of our stable and profitable growth performance, we announced a profit of 179.8 million TL at the end of 2022.

We are among the 100 most valuable brands

As a result of 2021 survey of the international brand assessment agency Brand Finance, we are among Turkey's 100 Most Valuable Brands with our innovative and value-added approach.

More than 300 employees

We have over 300 employees, each with expertise and unique abilities, who play a major role in our success.

Ray Sigorta from past to present

We were established with the joint initiatives of Turkey’s most important transportation and conveyance companies (Republic of Turkey State Railways, Turkish Maritime Lines, THY, PTT).


It was privatized by Doğan Holding.


Our stocks began to be traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.


TBIH Financial Services Group, a subsidiary of Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), one of the strongest international companies in Europe, took over 74.26% of our company capital.


VIG has been added to our company logo.


The shareholding structure of our company was arranged as: 84.26% of the shares held by VIG, 10% by Doğan Group, and 5.74% by more than 4,000 people.


Our shareholding structure was changed to 81.59% TBIH Services Group N.V, 12.67% to VIG, and 5.04% public shares.


The name of TBIH Services Group N.V., which has 81.59% shares in the partnership structure of the company, was changed to ATBIH GMBH.


Showing its brand’s value and power, Ray Sigorta was among the “100 Most Valuable Brands of Turkey” with an “A+” rating as a result of the 2018 research of the international brand valuation organization Brand Finance.


Ray Sigorta received the Great Place To Work® Certificate as a result of the strong corporate culture, and employee satisfaction evaluation carried out by the Great Place To Work® Institute.


Listed in Turkey’s Best Employers List by the Great Place To Work® Institute, Ray Sigorta was awarded the Excellent Customer Satisfaction Achievement Award by ranking in the top three in the non-life insurance category in the customer experience index survey prepared by “Ş”.


Ray Sigorta, once again, is listed in the “100 Most Valuable Brands of Turkey” as a result of the 2021 Brand Finance Report. Also achieved an excellence in Customer Satisfaction and awarded by Ş with the Excellent Customer Satisfaction Achievement Award two years in a row.


Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Peter Thirring

Member of the Board of Directors

Gerald Klemensich

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Martin Simhandl

Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. İsmail Hakkı Ergener

Member of the Board of Directors

Wolfgang Hesoun

Member of the Board of Directors

Gerhard Lahner

Independent Member of the Board of Directors

H. Kerem Özdağ

Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Josef Aigner

Independent Member of the Board of Directors

Kemal Uzunaksu

Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager

Koray Erdoğan

The message of the General Manager 

We will continue to be one of Turkey’s most valuable brands

Being a brand has a different perception than being known and accessible. It is crucial that you give confidence with the products and services you offer, provide quality service, and create added value by fulfilling your responsibilities towards society and the environment. As Ray Sigorta, our priorities are always to develop special solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers and constantly invest in for the better. This requires being a brand preferred by employees and business partners, building relationships based on trust, creating a happy working environment, and making everyone a part of your vision. The success we have achieved as a result of all our efforts is an indicator of this.

With our mission of being a customer-friendly brand, we will continue to create value and provide the best experience to our customers together with our employees and business partners.

Koray Erdoğan

General Manager and Member of the Board of Directors

Vienna Insurance Group

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), founded in 1824, is an international insurance company group operating with approximately 50 companies in 30 countries with over 25,000 employees.

In Central and Eastern Europe, where it is active, VIG is the industry leader in Europe with its multi-brand strategy based on local brands and local management. The Group’s success depends on providing tailor-made special solutions while preserving what matters most to its brands’ more than 22 million customers and solid local know-how.

As a result of sustainable profitability and stable growth, it has demonstrated its strong financial adequacy with an “A+” credit rating by Standard & Poor’s. VIG, which is also listed on the stock exchange, is one of the companies with the highest rating according to ATX, the leading stock index of the Vienna Stock Exchange, and is also traded on the Prague Stock Exchange. 

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