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Personal Accident Insurance

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FerdiRay Plus
Accidental death
Permanent disability due to accident
Treatment expenses arising from an accident
Legal protection
Daily indemnity due to accident
Critical diseases
Third party liability
Cases that are excluded in the general conditions

The excluded cases stated in clauses a, b, c and f under Article 6 of the Personal Accident Insurance General Conditions.

Emergency services
Dental Care


Ozone Vehicle Cleaning


Residential Minor Repair


Private Chauffeur/Valet


Medical Second Opinion
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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Accident Insurance provides financial support to your family in case of loss of life after an accident and you in cases of permanent bodily damage or injury. Thanks to personal accident insurance, you or your family will not have to deal with financial problems in hard times.

You take precautions against accidents that may occur in your home, car, or workplace. Considering that the same possibilities may harm you, you can also financially secure yourself and your loved ones against unexpected sudden accidents. Accidents can happen when you least expect them. In line with these possibilities, you can benefit from personal accident policies to make your recovery process more affordable and stress-free.

While standard Personal Accident Insurance secures you and your family against permanent disability or loss of life due to an accident, you can expand the coverage of your policy with additional coverage such as post-accident treatment costs and daily indemnity during the hospitalization period. In addition, Personal Accident Insurance can be taken out by individuals as well as by institutions. Personal accident insurance can be used for accidents outside the coverage of employee health insurance. This type of insurance is compulsory for certain sectors and certain occupations.

Pitmen, law enforcement personnel, those working in environments with flammable explosive materials, those working at height due to their profession, those working with high electric current, airline flight personnel and crew, ship and shipyard workers, professional athletes and other occupational groups specified in the Personal Accident Insurance General Conditions are out of the coverage.

Personal Accident Insurance covers bodily damages caused by reasons that fit the definition of "accident." Many scenarios are deemed as an accident, from physical injuries resulting from sudden movements to poisonous insect bites, from burns to inhalation of toxic gas as a result of accidental explosion or fire. You can have broader protection by choosing coverage for loss of life due to unexpected accidents, permanent disability coverage, as well as treatment costs, and daily indemnity coverage.

In accordance with the General Conditions of Personal Accident Insurance; the following are not within the definition of accident

  • All kinds of diseases and their consequences,
  • Frostbite and sunstroke, unless it occurs as a result of an accident covered by the insurance,
  • Suicide or attempted suicide, regardless of mood or mental state,
  • intoxication, drug use, and harmful substance use,
  • Death or bodily disorders due to unnecessary surgical intervention after an accident that is covered by the insurance.

Incidents that are not covered in accordance with the General Conditions of Personal Accident Insurance are as follows;

  • War, murder or attempted murder,
  • The insured willingly putting himself/herself in danger,
  • Exposure to nuclear, biological or chemical substances,
  • The death or bodily injury of the insured as a result of participation in strikes, public movements or terrorist acts.

Yes, it continues to protect you not only at home but also abroad. Personal Accident Insurance is valid all over the world with the coverage amount and conditions you have determined.​​

In order for you to purchase Personal Accident Insurance, there are factors such as age and occupation. Within the scope of the insurance, there are certain conditions for individuals over the age of 65 and for individuals engaged in the dangerous profession.

Personal Accident Insurance is an important complementary product for your health insurance plan. It can help you with unexpected expenses you may incur when health insurance plans don't cover them.

The main difference between the two types of insurance is death coverage. While the death coverage in Life Insurance covers loss of life as a result of illness or accident, the death coverage in Personal Accident Insurance is valid only in case of loss of life as a result of an accident.

In some insurance policies, the Insured and the Insurant may be different persons or they may be the same person. The party responsible for making the premium payments of the insurance is the Insurant. The party benefiting from the coverage offered by the insurance is the Insured, i.e. the beneficiary. The concept of Beneficiary in Personal Accident Insurance covers the beneficiaries who will benefit from the insurance in case of the realization of the risk, although they are not subject to the insurance policy. Unless otherwise stated, the persons who are legally accepted as heirs are considered as beneficiaries within the scope of death coverage.

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