The career at Ray Sigorta

The happiness of our employees comes first

We have become one of the best employers in Turkey with practices that make a difference in the sector and always prioritize employee happiness.

Life at Ray Sigorta

Who we are

Since 1958, we have been operating in all non-life branches individually and corporately. Ray Sigorta, which went public in 1997, has been under the roof of Vienna Insurance Group, Europe’s most substantial international insurance company group, since 2009.

We aim to accompany our customers in their lives and provide all kinds of financial assurance they may need with our knowledge and international strength. We are here to create value with our continuously developed and innovative solutions in line with today’s changing dynamics by putting our customers, their valuables, dreams, and future at our focus. We are among the 100 most valuable brands in Turkey with the high business ethics, value creation ability, and customer satisfaction-oriented work of our company employees and business partners.

We continue to be the preferred brand with the know-how we gained from our experience in the sector, our technical infrastructure that transforms conventional business methods into digital technologies, our talented and qualified human resources, and our strong financial structure.

A successful career starts here

We are happy to work here because… 

Great Place to Work

We have been selected as one of the best employers in Turkey with our employee-oriented practices.

We are growing fast with firm steps

With our motto, “Finding Your Own Everest,” we develop both individually and as a team, and we achieve record growth and profitability every year.

Training and development opportunities

We continue to learn and improve ourselves with both local and global training opportunities.

AllRay’t Flexible Benefits

Within the scope of the AllRay’t Flexible Benefits program, our employees receive gift cards at the rates and amounts they determine in many areas, from grocery shopping to clothing, from fuel to technology, within their budgets.

Hybrid work and work from the home support

We support our employees during the working home period with the support package designed under 4 main headings: Physical, Financial, Development, and Emotional.

Employee support program

Within the Employee Support Program scope, our employees can receive support from experts in many fields, including psychological counseling, healthy nutrition counseling, and legal information services.

The message of the General Manager

The secret of a successful company is happy employees

As a company, our employees have always been our focus and priority. We listened to them and tried to meet their needs.

We became a Great Place to Work certified workplace in 2019, and in 2020 we managed to enter the list of Turkey’s Best Employers. I have seen that just as a happy employee creates a very successful company in financial terms, a satisfied customer is essential in financial results and sustainable success.

Our effort to create the perfect workplace for each of our employees will continue with even greater enthusiasm and desire.

Koray Erdoğan

General Manager and Member of the Board of Directors 

What do our employees say?

Merve Özalp
Senior Specialist, Regional UW

It is a great pleasure to be a part of this team.

Ray Family offers a pleasant, exciting, and development-oriented working environment; recognizing the efforts of its employees, trusting them, appreciating and rewarding them, being able to share their happiness and sadness, having managers who can offer family warmth to their employees when appropriate are the most significant differences of Ray Sigorta in the sector, and I think, the luck of us employees. Continuous support of our communication and development in our working environment, to rise to the top of the rankings as a company, and to achieve success are both opportunities and sources of happiness for all of us. It is a great pleasure to be a part of this team. Ray Sigorta is always by our side...

Burcu Canıtez
Assistant Specialist, Reinsurance

I acknowledge the culture of Ray Sigorta and feel the value it has added to me since the first day.

When I graduated during the pandemic and took my first step into professional life, I had concerns about getting used to the business dynamics and the team. With the bond I've established with a place I have never physically been since the first day we met, with my teammates that I had no opportunity to meet face to face, and with my job, I feel the culture of Ray Sigorta and the value it adds to me since the first day. I feel that we are running together towards the goals we have set, and I am very lucky for the benefits offered by the Ray Sigorta family, along with all the experience I have gained.

Aytaç Aydın
Senior Sales Specialist, Marmara Regional Directorate

Working in the Ray Sigorta family creates the feeling of opening my eyes in the morning and coming back to my family from my family.

When I take the first sip of my coffee, I salute the day with my colleagues, whom I know are always there for me. I know that with the understanding of how I can do the best even better, everyone puts effort into this family cheerfully throughout the day. To say that I am a member of this family is to be under the umbrella of trust and pride that grows by sharing, where "me" is "us" and "one" is "many." The privilege of being a Ray Sigorta employee is an understanding of corporate culture that values our every idea, transparent career planning, openness to communication, and focus on employees.

Company Culture

Peaceful working environment

We are aware that employees will give their best performance in the working environment where they feel most comfortable; we offer activities and various support programs in order to provide an environment where they will feel peaceful both in the office and at home.

Company Culture

Not to be one, but to be together

We celebrate our achievements together, experience our sorrows together, and embrace our mistakes together. No matter what happens, we never lose our motivation; we take more solid steps towards the future with the knowledge we have acquired.

Company Culture

Open Communication

We want our employees always to be aware of Ray Sigorta’s growth targets, team and individual targets, and therefore we always prefer open and transparent communication with our employees. Thanks to this working environment in which our employees are more participatory, they have a greater say in their career planning and performance developments, making a significant contribution to the development of themselves and the company.

Company Culture

Continuous learning

Being aware that one of the essential conditions for a company to remain in operation for a long time is that company employees should be able to improve themselves constantly; therefore, we offer comprehensive training and career development programs both on the business and outside the business fields.

The place we work is the biggest reward for us

What have we accomplished together?

We are among the 100 Most Valuable Brands

According to the Brand Finance 2021 report, we are proud to be among the Top 100 most valuable brands in Turkey once again.

We won the hearts of our customers

This year, we received the "Silver" award at the Excellent Customer Satisfaction Achievement Awards organized by ŞikayetVar, where the brands providing the highest customer satisfaction in Turkey are awarded.

We became the Great Place to Work Best Employer

Ray Sigorta completed the International Great Place To Work Recognition Program and received the "Best Employer" award from Great Place to Work in the "Category of 250-500 Employees" this year, with its successful results from employee surveys measuring the trust index and workplace culture analysis.