Required documents in case of a damage

You can find the documents that you should prepare for the claim process.


In case of an accident
  • Traffic accident report from the police or gendarmerie (certified), or Material Damage Accident Report

  • Alcohol report (certified)

  • Copy of license

  • Copy of driving license

  • Copy of policy

  • Firefighter report in case car burns in a fire

  • Photos of the damage

In case of theft of or partial theft in the vehicle (radio-tape, tire, etc.)*
  • Report prepared by official institutions

  • The file of the vehicle (Vehicle invoice and other documents)

  • Original copies of tax receipts for the vehicle and, if any, payment receipts for the settlement of the tax debt

  • Stolen stamped original license

  • Documentation of the release of the lien

  • If there is an L/P (loss payee), the letter of consent from the relevant authority

  • Document indicating that the vehicle’s registration has been removed

  • A letter from the Public Security Directorate stating that the vehicle has not been found for 30 days

  • Vehicle keys

  • A power of attorney, a sample of which is obtained from our company

*It will be prepared if it is not found within 30 days after the notification.

* Additional documents may be requested depending on the nature of the accident.