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Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (MTPL)

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Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (MTPL) Products

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Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

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Disability/death per accident
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Things to know when choosing MTPL insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

MTPL is an insurance product that is required by law. MTPL covers the material and bodily damages caused to the other party and third parties as a result of your fault up to the MTPL limits of limits of the then-current year.

MTPL is compulsory insurance pursuant to Highway Traffic Law No. 2918. It must be renewed every year.

No-claim bonus is applied according to the 7-level rank tariff in MTPLs. Vehicles to be insured for the first time are included in the system from the 4th level. If the vehicle has not been damaged during the insurance period, a discount is applied when taking out insurance. If you damage the other party with your vehicle where you are faulty, your rank will be reduced in your renewal period. If the damage to the other party is only material damage, it is reduced by 1 level; if it is bodily damage, it is reduced by 2 levels. As your rank drops, your insurance premium increases.

In the event that you cause death, injury, or damage to any third party or public property in an accident you caused with your vehicle, your legal liability is covered within a certain limit. In addition to the burial expenses of the deceased, the first aid services, examinations, treatments, drugs, etc., are also covered by the MTPL. If the persons injured in the accident become unable to work for a certain or indefinite period, the losses they will suffer due to the cut-off of economic income are also covered.

No, you must have a casco insurance policy to cover the damages to your vehicle with MTPL.

If you do not have an accident for which you are at fault during the policy period, your no-claim bonus will continue to be protected by being upgraded to the next level. Your no-claim bonus level can go up to the 7th level maximum.

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance determines coverage limits in traffic policies, and they cannot be changed. You can cover the portion exceeding the MTPL limits from the Excess Liability coverage in the casco insurance policy. If you do not have casco insurance, you can increase your limit up to 2,500,000 TRY at very affordable prices with our IMM Tamam product.

If you have Ray Club Services coverage and your vehicle is immobilized as a result of an accident, towing service is provided. This service is not valid for the breakdown of your vehicle.

Pursuant to the regulation issued based on the Highway Traffic Law; the owners of vehicles with foreign license plates entering Turkey with their own vehicles are liable to cover the resulting damage in the event that they are involved in any accident within the borders of our country, and cause material or bodily harm to the other party. If vehicles with foreign license plates do not have valid international or mutually agreed insurance in Turkey, short-term MTPL can be taken out during their entrance into the country. MTPL is not required for vehicles with Green Card insurance.

MTPL is compulsory insurance and its validity period is 1 year. Your premium amount is calculated by adding a 5% delay penalty, limited to a maximum of 50%, for each month you are late from the expiry date of your policy. Your vehicle can be impounded when you are out on the road without insurance.

MTPL does not cover damage to your own vehicle. The damage notification period for damages to the other party or third parties is 5 days from the date of the accident.

When the owner is changed, the existing policy cannot be transferred to the new owner. The policy expires automatically after issuance of MTPL in the name of the license holder. The remaining days of the year are calculated according to the transfer date of the vehicle, and the premium is refunded to the insured whose policy is canceled.

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