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Frequently Asked Questions

Evim Saray Home Insurance provides you with insurance against major expenses by protecting your home and the belongings in your home according to your preference from situations that may occur as a result of various risks such as fire, flood, earthquake, storm, internal water, and theft. Evim Saray Home Insurance, which also considers the services you may need in your home, makes your life easier by offering practical solutions. Thanks to your insurance coverage, services such as boiler-air conditioner annual maintenance, carpet washing, water-electrical installation works, glass repair, locksmith, and sending a healthcare professional to the home are no longer expenses that you need to worry.

It ensures that your home, which is your living space, and your belongings are safe against natural disasters and many problems. With home insurance, you can take precautions not only against the damage, but also against the costs that may arise from the damage.

DASK (Mandatory Earthquake Insurance), the square meter cost and payment limits of which are determined by the state, only covers the damages that occur in your building due to earthquake. With the earthquake coverage you will include in your home insurance, you can secure your home and belongings and provide coverage for your losses exceeding DASK limits. Home insurance provides coverage in case of damage to your furniture, white appliances, or electronic devices. In order to fully secure your home, you can choose to purchase Evim Saray Home Insurance as a complementary.

Yes, both tenants and homeowners can purchase Home Insurance. The only difference between being a homeowner or a tenant is that the tenants can have their belongings covered with Home Insurance against damages as a result of possible fire, earthquake, flood, theft, etc. In addition, you can benefit from various assistance services offered under your policy that will make your life easier.

Earthquake coverage in home insurance can be added to the policy according to your preference. In order to include earthquake coverage in your home insurance policy, you must have a DASK (Mandatory Earthquake Insurance) policy. If you have a DASK policy, in case of damages exceeding the DASK policy limits, you can protect your home against the damages that may occur during an earthquake, up to the limits specified within the scope of the earthquake coverage you added to your home insurance.

You should inform your insurance agent beforehand when you need to have home insurance issued for your new home. You may need to pay additional premiums or get a premium refund since the prices of home insurance are determined according to different criteria such as address, square meter, building type, building age, etc.

With the KMM coverage, regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, the damages that may occur to your neighbors' house and property due to the damages that may occur in the house you are in are covered. Coverage limit varies depending on being the homeowner or tenant, and the total building fire cost. Within the scope of KMM, the possible damages that may occur in your homeowner's house or your neighbor due to any fire in your home are covered by the insurance company within the limits specified in the policy. If your policy includes internal water coverage, damages that may occur in the neighbor as a result of malfunctions in your water installation can also be covered under the KMM coverage.

If you have neighbors liability coverage as a homeowner or tenant in your home insurance policy, damages arising from fire, smoke and water leakage are covered according to the limits specified in the policy.

In order to cover electronic goods such as televisions, music centers, computers, printers, cameras, white appliances, etc., you must have electronic device coverage in your policy. If the policy covers the equipment, your loss is covered subject to the terms specified in your policy. User errors are not covered by insurance.

In order to cover the glass damages such as mirrors fixed to the wall or furniture, glass shelves, shower cabin glasses, tables, aquarium glasses, glass surfaces of electric cookers, etc., including interior and exterior glass in your home, you must have glass breakage coverage in your policy. The loss incurred due to glass breakage is covered by the policy subject to the terms specified in your policy. In addition, within the scope of our home assistance services, you can benefit from our glass repair service within certain limits.

By adding valuable articles coverage to your policy, you can secure the cash and valuable documents inside the safe, and valuable items such as works of art, antiques and jewelry in your home, subject to the conditions and rates specified the policy.

In order to cover the financial losses that will occur in case your belongings in your house are stolen by trespassing by force or breaking or punching, you must have theft coverage in your policy.

If your policy includes the coverage and conditions for the damages caused by the guests accidentally, your claim payment will be made.

The home insurance premiums are calculated based on the address where your residence is located, the square meter of the residence, the age and structure of the building, which floor it is located, the security measures taken, and the limits selected for the coverage on the policy. In case you include the belongings in your house within the coverage of the home insurance, the calculation should be made by considering the re-purchase value of the belongings in today's conditions.

If a repair is made for a risk covered by your policy, you must file a claim and submit the original invoice for reimbursement of the damage cost. The notification of the damage must be made within a maximum of 10 days.

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