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Cyberella Cyber Security Insurance

Assurance against identity theft both in virtual and actual life, reinforced by our consultancy and active protection warning services against unforeseen cyber risks.

  • 24/7 personal data scanning and free protection software

  • Free consultancy and legal protection services tailored for you

  • Compensation for financial losses in the digital environment

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Why is it important to ensure your cyber security?


of society thinks that cyber risks have increased with the spread of working from home.


of the society does not feel safe against possible risks in the internet environment.


of individuals are most concerned about their computers and mobile devices being hacked among the cyber threats.

Best choice for digital assurance

Why should I prefer Ray Sigorta?

High-limit protection with affordable premium options

With our fixed-price package options that you can choose according to your budget, you can benefit from high-coverage assurances against unexpected risks by paying low premiums.

24/7 active protection

24/7 active protection against cyber risks. In order to protect you against cyber threats that increase with the development of technology, we provide active protection with free protection software and 24/7 scanning of your personal data on the internet.

Professional support

In cases related to the risks you encountered, we provide support with our expert consultants, who will be assigned to you until the process is resolved.

We continue to protect you in the digitalized world

High-limit coverage options

Coverage that will make you feel special for the new digitalized world.

Coverage Details

Identity Theft/Fraud Expenses

It covers the financial losses that will occur as a result of the theft of legal or official documents that you use as your identity and their use without your knowledge.


Lost/Stolen ID

It covers the application costs that may occur in the process of issuing the new ID in case of renewal of one or more of your IDs due to loss or theft.


Personal Password Theft

Financial losses for which you are held responsible by the bank or financial institution due to illegal transactions made after your password is stolen in a personal digital environment or by physical threat will be covered.


ATM Snatch/Robbery

It covers the financial losses you will incur in the event of robbery and snatching that may happen to you within a certain time and distance immediately after the withdrawal of money from the ATM.


Legal Protection

Disputes that may arise due to one or all of the coverage under the policy are covered up to the specified limit.

Sağlık Poliçesi

The right choice for your safety in the cyber world

Create your Cyberella Cyber Security Insurance according to your needs

Cyberella Cyber Security Insurance offers two different package options according to the coverage limits; Standard and Plus.

Coverage Limits
Identity Theft/Fraud Expenses
20.000 TRY
40.000 TRY
Lost/Stolen ID
1.000 TRY
2.000 TRY
Personal Password Theft
5.000 TRY
10.000 TRY
ATM Snatch/Robbery
2.500 TRY
5.000 TRY
Legal Protection
10.000 TRY
20.000 TRY

Best choice for digital assurance

Services that make a difference from Cyberella

By choosing Ray Sigorta, feel free and safe thanks to our double protection damage prevention services.

Service Details
This service detects whether your personal data has been stolen by scanning the data all over the internet 24/7, including dangerous websites. In case of suspicion or a detected incident, it provides you with action plans by alerting you via SMS and e-mail.
Virus protection software, which provides superior protection against attacks on personal information on PC, Mac, phone (iOS, Android) devices belonging to 5 members of your family, and the market price of which is equal to the value policy, is offered free of charge.
It is the information, guidance, and advice service provided by our expert consultants, who will be appointed especially for you if you experience any problem resulting from the theft of your identity information.
It is a support service provided on a secured phone line to inform you about the possible risks of identity theft/fraud, the procedures for renewing your lost or stolen identities, and to answer your questions.
In case theft of or you lose one or more of your identities, it is the service of placing a loss ad in a national daily newspaper for the identities you have registered in order to secure you against possible threats, and of sending you the copy of the newspaper containing the advertisement.
It is the service of keeping your identity information safe if you need for any reason or otherwise to place a newspaper ad in case of loss or theft of your identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an individual insurance that secures the financial losses due to transactions performed on the internet without your knowledge in your daily life, and indemnity claims from different people due to legal problems.

Any malicious use that will adversely affect or are suspected to affect the insured's computer system and devices connected to the internet network is considered a cyber incident.

Individuals between the ages of 18-70 can benefit from our cyber security insurance.

It covers your expenses arising from virtual identity theft, such as the use of your identity information by malicious people without your knowledge, stealing your passwords of financial value, snatching after you withdraw money from ATM, and renewing your stolen or lost identity.

Cyberella Cyber Security Insurance is a fixed package product designed by considering the risks you may encounter individually. You can choose the Plus package option, where you can increase your policy coverage limits.

No, there is no deductible practice.

With the Digital Assurance Data Monitoring Service, when you have the policy, your personal information is scanned 24/7 on the entire internet, including the deep web, and action plans are offered to you by warning you in case of potential risk. In case of doubt, you can get live support from our expert teams by calling our Customer Communication Center at 444 4 729. In case of damage, a specially appointed forgery expert prepares action plans and stands by you throughout the entire process until it is resolved.

Yes, the password coverage is valid for all passwords that have financial value.

Yes, supplementary cards connected to the primary card are also included in the coverage.

In the event that your passwords, which have financial value, are seized as a result of various persuasion and deception methods through telephone fraud, you can benefit from the coverage within the limits.

If your card information is stolen as a result of a thief breaking into your house, and you suffer financial loss due to the thief using your password, then you can benefit from the coverage within the policy limits.

If your personal card password is seized from any device, your financial loss will be covered up to the policy limit within the scope of the password theft coverage.

In case of spending by using the password, it is covered by the coverage even if it is made via mail order.

Theft of the money withdrawn as a result of snatching or robbery after the withdrawal of money from the ATM is covered by the ATM Snatching coverage. You can also benefit from the Identity Renewal coverage in the event that identity documents such as identity cards are stolen.

1 business day after your policy fee is collected, you can request the link to the protection software program by calling our Customer Communication Center at 444 4 729 and install it.

The protection software program will cease to be used on the policy expiry date. In order to benefit from this service, the policy must continue.

With the Digital Assurance Data Service, your personal data that you request to be protected is scanned and checked on unsafe and illegal websites. Your personal information such as credit card, e-mail, bank account, TR ID No, mobile phone number are scanned 24/7 from the past until your policy expiration date. If there is a record that matches your personal information that you will define in the system, you will be informed and given support regarding the next process to perform.

The control of all your information within the scope of the service is provided as encrypted over a secure connection.

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