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You can create your product according to your budget and needs by choosing inpatient and outpatient service options, health institution alternatives, check-up, dental and eye care packages, and maternity packages.

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We know the importance of fast response during your transactions in the health institutions, and we shape our provision processes accordingly.

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The right choice for your health

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Frequently Asked Questions

Private Health Insurance provides treatment in private hospitals in case of illness or accident after the commencement of the policy, where you need to receive health services such as examination, analysis and tests, surgery within the coverage and limits of your policy.

Private health insurance allows you to receive quality service at a price below what you would typically pay for your high-cost health expenses. When you benefit from your private health insurance, you can choose the private health institution and physician you want, and you can get the services you need for your treatment free of charge or by paying a minimum fee.

General health insurance may not always be sufficient due to its limited advantages. Private health insurance allows you to benefit from any health service for one year at a price below the amount you would typically pay to private health institutions.

Inpatient and outpatient treatment options are offered under your health policy. Outpatient treatment coverage includes services such as physician's examination, analysis and laboratory tests, as well as imaging. In inpatient treatment coverage, on the other hand, you can benefit from services such as physician's fee, hospital treatment costs, intensive care, room and meal, companion, medicine, ambulance whether there is any surgical intervention or not. Your insurance indemnifies the expenses you incurred within the coverage of outpatient and inpatient treatment included in your policy.

During your renewal period, a no-claim bonus may be granted by evaluating your previous year's expenditures.

Insurance companies have contracts with most private health institutions. You can receive services within the scope of your insurance in the health institutions that have a contract with the insurance company you prefer. The advantages of your private health insurance policy are valid only in contracted health institutions. Your private health insurance does not cover the health service you receive from non-contracted health institutions.

If check-up and mammography coverage is included in your policy, your checks are made by our contracted institutions specified in the policy and covered under your policy.

If you purchase a health insurance policy for the first time, you are expected to fill out an application form, and state your previous or current illnesses and treatment information in this form. The terms and conditions of the policy will be determined based on the evaluation process that you will be involved in through the information you stated in the application form.

When applying for the new policy you want to purchase, you are requested to submit your current insurance company's renewal offer, health statement, and records of your health history so that an evaluation can be made. The point you should pay attention to is that your transfer process must be completed within 1 month from the expiry date of your current policy.

Anyone aged 0-64 residing within the borders of the Republic of Turkey can purchase a policy.

If your policy includes an Overseas Treatment Coverage, you can benefit from it for your international travels that do not exceed 180 days subject to the terms of your policy and determined limits.

If you receive service from contracted health institutions where your policy is valid, your request will be forwarded to our provision center by the institution. For your health expenses covered by the policy, you only pay the patient share, if any. In the case of service from non-contracted institutions, a refund is made by considering the treatment coverage limit of the non-contracted institution in the policy and your patient share. The fee to be paid for the expenses incurred in non-contracted institutions is made according to the provision in the Turkish Medical Association (TMA) fee tariff by deducting the patient share if any.

Reimbursement practices vary depending on the health insurance you have. In case you receive service under your policy, you are requested to send the required documents .

The person or persons to whom the risk is likely to occur under the policy is the insured, and the person who pays the insurance premium is the insurant. Insurant and insured may be the same person.

If your policy continues uninterruptedly for 3 years from the same insurance company, you may be entitled to a Lifetime Renewal Guarantee based on your health condition at the end of this period. You can benefit from insurance coverage throughout your life without applying additional premiums for diseases that occur after the date you are entitled to the Lifetime Renewal Guarantee and without reducing your coverage.

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