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We provide extensive coverage and support services for the problems you may experience during travel, particularly health problems and difficulties you may encounter at home and abroad.

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We know that fast support is vital in problems you encounter away from where you live. After your notice of claim, we offer our solution services with our fast operation processes.

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Travel insurance can be purchased for all age groups starting from the age of 0, and we can offer coverage with appropriate premium options for those over the age of 70 if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel health insurance covers cases such as treatment in case of a sudden illness or accident that may happen during your domestic or international travel, and necessary organizations in case of death. The coverage of your policy can be expanded according to your preferences and also to the additional coverage.

Travel health insurance protects you against health problems you may encounter and provides consultancy services in difficult situations. In case of an accident or in any case that requires you to receive treatment, your travel health insurance will help you to be treated in the best conditions under then-current circumstances. Besides trust and peace, it provides you an advantage in economic terms at high costs.

Travel health insurance is compulsory for visa documents required for travels abroad. It may not be compulsory for visa-free countries or domestic travel.

Although there is no age limit for travel health insurance, there are criteria based on age. Individuals between the ages of 0-69 can have their health insured under this insurance during their travels. For those under the age of 18, there is a condition that the insurant must be their parent. Individuals aged 69 and over are insured with an additional premium payment in order to benefit from health services in case of an accident. Otherwise, organization and assistance service is provided within the scope of the policy in case of an accident.

In case you are unable to travel, you can cancel and get your payment back by making a written statement to your agent, or insurance company latest by 24 hours before the policy commencement date.

Travel health insurance is a policy valid for up to 180 days. If you will stay abroad longer than this period without entering or leaving the country, you can get support from your agent.

Your policy is issued before your trip begins. You can benefit from the coverage under and services covered by the policy during your travel dates. For your international travels, it commences at the moment it is detected that you left the borders of our country with your passport, and ends when you enter the borders of our country.

Basically, travel health insurance is a compulsory document within the visa requirements for your trip to countries requiring a visa. In case of a sudden illness or accident that may happen abroad, you will receive quality service, and your treatment costs will be covered subject to the policy conditions. In addition, it also provides assurance against difficult situations abroad such as tour cancellation by the travel agency, loss of luggage, snatching, or various other services depending on the coverage of your policy.

You can purchase travel health insurance for all countries in the world.

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