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With Cyberella Cyber Security Insurance, we secure both your digital and real identities against cyber risks. It expands your protection with its high coverage limit options, and thanks to its 24/7 data scanning service, you can spend time comfortably in digital environments

Identity Theft/Fraud Expenses

Income losses incurred due to the theft of legal or official documents that you use as your identity and use of same without your knowledge, as well as legal expenses and expenses up to a certain limit incurred for transportation and communication purposes in the legal process.

Conditions and exclusions of the Identity Theft/Fraud Coverage:

*You will be paid a maximum of 20,000 TRY for each policy period as the sum of legal expenses coverage, loss of income coverage, travel coverage, and communication expenses coverage.

*Before spending within the scope of the legal expenses coverage, you must obtain our approval regarding the expenditure being reasonable and acceptable.

*Income loss coverage is valid for four consecutive weeks, with a maximum of 1,000 TRY per week.

*If you prefer to travel by airlines or railways within the scope of travel coverage, only your economy class ticket expenses will be covered.

*The maximum amount of 200 TRY per day of your expenses will be covered within the scope of travel coverage.

*You will not be paid more than 500 TRY within the scope of the communication costs coverage.

*You have to take all necessary actions to keep your financial loss to a minimum in case of being exposed to the risks.

*You must provide evidence and documents to support your claims that we may request from you during your claim for indemnity.

*You cannot benefit from these coverages for problems related to your identity that you know to have occurred before you purchased your policy and that we find out your knowledge.

*All of the coverage in this section covers the expenses you can make to eliminate the problems you suffered due to identity theft. Amounts subject to theft or forgery are excluded from the scope of indemnity.

(Limits vary if you choose the Cyberella Plus package)

Lost/Stolen ID

It covers the application costs, charges, and identity card costs that may occur in the process of issuing the new ID in case of renewal of one or more of your IDs due to loss or theft.

*It is valid if the original documents and/or invoices for the expenditure are submitted.

Personal Password Theft

It covers the financial losses you incurred due to illegal transactions made after your password is stolen in a personal digital environment or by a physical threat.

ATM Snatch/Robbery

It covers the financial losses you will incur up to the determined limit in the event of robbery and snatching that may happen to you within a certain time and distance immediately after the withdrawal of money from the ATM.

*It is valid if the event occurs within 30 minutes of your withdrawal and within 50 meters of the ATM that you withdrew money.

Legal Protection

Disputes that may arise due to one or all the coverages under the policy are covered up to the specified limit.

You can have the same coverage with higher limits!

With the Cyberella Plus package, you can be protected with higher limits for the coverage we offer against the unforeseen risks of technologies that make today’s world more manageable.

Service Details Covered by the Policy

Cyberella Cyber Security Insurance not only protects you against cyber risks; in addition to many support services, it also offers 24/7 active data scanning service and antivirus protection software free of charge.

1. Digital Assurance Data Monitoring Service

This service scans your personal data all over the internet 24/7, including dangerous websites. In case of suspicion or a detected incident, it provides the insured with an action plan.

  • Bank Account Numbers (up to 10 pcs)

  • Bank/Credit Card Numbers (up to 10 pcs)

  • Driving License (1 pc)

  • E-Mail Addresses (up to 10 pcs)

  • Passport Number (1 pc)

  • Identity Number – TR. ID No (1 pc)

  • Phone Numbers (up to 10 pcs)

2. Protection Software

Virus protection software, which provides superior protection against attacks on personal information on PC, Mac, phone (iOS, Android) devices of your family within the plan’s scope, is offered free of charge.

* It is valid for up to 5 devices within the same family.

3. Private Forgery Expert

It is the information, guidance, and advice service provided by expert consultants, who will be appointed especially for the insured if the insured experiences any problem resulting from the theft of identity information.

4. Phone Support Line

It is a support service provided on a secured phone line to give information about the possible risks of identity theft/fraud and the procedures for renewing lost or stolen identities.

5. Newspaper Loss Ads

It is the service for placing a loss ad in a national daily newspaper for the stolen or lost identities and sending you a copy of the published newspaper.

6. Registration and Delivery of Identity Information

It is the service of prior recording and keeping the identity information safe, and providing the information in case of loss or theft of identity.