Motor insurance special to families with children

Ray Sigorta contributes to home economics with its expanding Baby on Board product family

The Baby on Board product was developed by Ray Sigorta for families with children and recognized in the casco (MOD) insurance segment with its contributions to the family budget. Now it comes to life in compulsory traffic insurance. The product family, which provides excellent advantages with support services as well as discounts, now includes families with children in the 0-6 age group.

Ray Sigorta, which has achieved great success in a short time with the products it has designed with the mission of providing solutions suitable for every need, continues to develop and expand its innovative product portfolio. The Baby on Board Motor Insurance solution, which is offered with a special discount for families with children aged 0-6 with its comprehensive motor insurance features, attracted great attention. Now it is expanding its product family by carrying the advantageous world of Baby on Board product to compulsory traffic insurance.

Baby on Board Motor Insurance and Traffic Insurance products, designed to support families with children both in their budgets and to ensure their safe travel, provide up to 25% discount on motor insurance policy and 15% discount on traffic policy for families with children aged 0-6.

If both products are purchased, it offers a price advantage in traffic insurance up to 25% in total. In addition to providing a discount for parents of each child in the appropriate age range in the household for their private vehicle; Baby on Board Motor Insurance policyholders gain the right to protect the discounts offered by Baby on Board on motor insurance renewals when they spend the period undamaged until their children turn 6 years old. Expressing that it is difficult to contact the needs of individuals with standard products, Ray Sigorta General Manager Koray Erdoğan said, “We attach importance to even the smallest detail to make a difference with our insurance products that touch the lives of our customers. We continue to work on enriching our Baby on Board products with assistance services focused on the needs of children.”

“We share the value we create with our customers”

Stating that they act with the aim of protecting the values in life, Ray Sigorta General Manager Koray Erdoğan said, “Our Baby on Board product is a special product that allows us to share the value we create as an institution with our customers and citizens. With the cost advantage we provide in the first place, we help the home economics by reducing the financial burden of families with children a little bit. In the second step, if the insured has no damage, we maintain the financial advantages and increase the no-claim bonus motivation even more. Offering such an incentive, especially in a product that families with children benefit from, is an important step we have taken as a company in fulfilling our responsibilities towards our society.” Stating that although traffic insurance penetration is compulsory in our country, it couldn’t reach 100%, Erdoğan said, “The number of vehicles on the road is increasing day by day. According to February data, the number of vehicles in traffic increased by 40% compared to the previous year. Although the number of vehicles increased, we do not see the same increase in traffic insurance. Likewise, the insurance rate of 28% in motor insurance is not sufficient in our country as well. In addition to being able to express the necessity of auto insurance as insurance companies, it is possible to increase the interest in products that can provide users with different benefits apart from conventional guarantees. As Ray Sigorta, we think that we have made a valuable contribution in this direction with our Baby on Board product family.”

The advantages are endless

The advantages of the Baby on Board package are not limited to discounts. There are special discounts for various professional groups in the Baby on Board product, where all needs for personal vehicles can be met quickly with many advantages from a single company. The selection of Ray Sigorta’s contracted service network, on the other hand, affects the costs positively and creates a price advantage for customers. In addition, the vehicle is considered as undamaged if the damage that will affect the insured’s no-claim bonus is repaired at Express Repair Centers, provided that it happens once during the policy period. This allows the right of the discount to be raised to the next level.

The advantages of Baby on Board do not end here. Ray Sigorta covers the glass damages of policyholders, including repair and replacement, on-site in a short time without affecting the no-claim bonus. Thanks to the mobile glass replacement service offered in many cities, including the Anatolian region, customers can allocate the time they will spend in the service for themselves and their loved ones with just a single phone call.

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