A perfect year from Ray Sigorta

Ray Sigorta closed the year of 2020 with great success

Increasing employee and customer satisfaction and achieving record growth in premium production for the last 4 years, Ray Sigorta further expanded its agency network, which is the most vital sales channel, and achieved great success in 4 critical areas in 2020.

While developments in life profoundly affect society and business processes, institutions with high reflexes to adapt to change and innovation achieve success even in difficult times. The results that Ray Sigorta achieved at the end of 2020 are an indication of this. Adding 263 new agencies to its agency network in the said period and ensuring the continuation of business life for their stakeholders during the pandemic period, Ray Sigorta increased production to 1,699,439,187 Liras with a record growth of 37%. Achieving growth in output by maintaining its excellent portfolio structure, Ray Sigorta’s share of the non-auto output in total production was 56% at the end of 2020. The share of the traffic segment in the entire portfolio decreased to 26%. At the same time, the company has achieved 4 successes in 4 critical areas by significantly increasing its customer and employee satisfaction scores, which require expertise and experience to achieve along with growth.

The number of agencies increased by 11%

Ray Sigorta General Manager Koray Erdoğan, who stated that they got the results of the right strategy and value-oriented work they put into practice, said, “We are leaving behind a year in which we saw the positive reflections of the right decisions we made as a company. We see that the investments we make in our employees and business partners and the relationships established based on mutual trust always pay off on the customer’s side. The solid bonds we have built together bring success by furthering our performance.” Emphasizing that they have made a significant breakthrough in the distribution channel, Erdoğan said, “We accepted 263 agency applications in the last year and increased the number of our agencies to 1442. In such a difficult period, the interest and commitment of our agencies to our company has enabled us to become a growing family.”

2020 growth figures are the harbinger of 2021

Erdoğan said that they completed the year 2020 with a growth of 37% and added, “From a production point of view, we are among the fastest-growing companies in the top 20 with a production of 1,699,439,187 liras. The strongest factor supporting this production is our new agency structure and the happiness of our employees.” Expressing that 54% of their output is carried out by agencies, Erdoğan informed that they have strengthened their distribution competencies with the newly opened agencies in 2020 and that the agencies that have been opened have made a significant contribution to the total growth figures. Erdoğan added that the growth in 2020 is a harbinger of growth in 2021.

Happy colleagues also mean happy customers

Putting the customer and the employee at the center of its business plans, Ray Sigorta left its mark in 2020 with the certifications it received from international and local organizations in this field. After completing the “International Great Place To Work Recognition Program,” Ray Sigorta was included in the “Best Employer” list given by Great Place to Work in the “Category with 250-500 Employees”. According to the nationwide survey of Turkey’s first and largest customer satisfaction platform, “Şikayetvar.com” measuring the customer experience index, it ranked in the top 3 in the non-life insurance category and received the Excellent Customer Satisfaction Achievement Award. Stating that the increase in employee and customer satisfaction is two of the most critical factors that ensure growth, Erdoğan said, “You cannot achieve this by saying, ‘Let’s perform record growth this year.’ When you make your employees believe in these goals and create an environment where they are happy to work, when you make your business partners a part of this vision, and when you offer the best experience to your customers, record growth will inevitably come. Happy employees and happy customers mean stable growth.”

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