Ray Sigorta is among Turkey’s 100 Most Valuable Brands

Ray Sigorta is among Turkey’s 100 Most Valuable Brands one more time

Ray Sigorta has made a distinguished name for itself with its innovative and value-generating approach, which it has started to implement in all areas of business life. It is among the top 100 companies in the 2021 list of Turkey’s Most Valuable Brands Report prepared by Brand Finance. It achieved significant success by being the 6th company that increased its brand’s value the most among all sectors.

Brand Finance, the international brand rating agency, published Turkey’s Most Valuable Brands Report 2021 list, which is prepared according to the determination of the companies’ brand value by considering many criteria. Ray Sigorta has made a great leap forward in employee and customer satisfaction scores, achieved record growth in premium production and financial results, and supported the programs and campaigns it prepared against the effects of the pandemic while expanding its agency channel. Once again, it has crowned its success by being among the “100 Most Valuable Companies in Turkey”. Ray Sigorta became the 6th company that increased its brand value the most, with a 32.1% change compared to the previous year.

“Insurance business is not just about figures”

By emphasizing that brand value can be enhanced by a team that commits itself to a common goal and acts with a rooted corporate culture rather than financial decisions, Ray Sigorta General Manager Koray Erdoğan stated that they are proud to be among the most valuable companies in Turkey, and added; “We are good with numbers, but for us, the insurance business is not just about figures. The insurance business is cooperation; it is to be by the side of those in need, to be a breath to business partners in their hard days”. Erdoğan said, “Being a brand has a different perception than being known and accessible. It is important that you give confidence with the products and services you offer, provide quality service, and create added value by fulfilling your responsibilities towards society and the environment. As Muhtar Kent said, “A brand is to make a promise; being a good brand is to keep that promise.” We will continue to create value and become one of the most valuable brands in Turkey by walking together with our employees and business partners with our mission of being the right companion.” Stating that they provided uninterrupted service by the convenience they provided to consumers during the pandemic, in particular, the support campaigns they put into use for agencies and new products that meet the needs of the period, Erdoğan said, “We do this sincerely by embracing every value that is compatible with our brand. Knowing that our customers and employees prefer us, for this reason, increases our motivation and our belief in our work. I would like to express my gratitude to our employees and business partners, particularly our policyholders, who made it possible for us to be included in this list.”

”We are one of the few insurance companies on the list”

Stating that Ray Sigorta was included in the list in 2018 and that they were among the rare insurance companies selected for the second time by being included in the list again this year, Erdoğan said, “We are proud and happy to be one of the few elemental insurance companies that managed to enter the list this year.” Erdoğan added, “In advanced economies, activities related to brands, people, expertise, and relationships have long surpassed the value of physical or financial activities. We aim to present a new and holistic approach to our industry and country and show that such a model is sustainable and possible. The results we have achieved in many areas where we have taken steps with the support of our business partners and customers show that we have succeeded in being more than a whole. I can say that as Ray Sigorta, we have succeeded in becoming a large family and brand thanks to the harmony we have achieved with our partners.”

“We have just getting started”

Ray Sigorta made a name for itself with the successful results it achieved in 2020. Ray Sigorta General Manager Koray Erdoğan stated that they added 263 new agencies to their agency network in the said period and that they ensured the continuation of business life for their stakeholders during the pandemic period by distributing more than 3 million TRY of support. He said that in the same period, they increased production to 1.7 billion liras with a record growth of 37%. Reminding that they have made a significant move in customer and employee loyalty and won awards in these areas, Erdoğan said, “The results we have achieved are an indication of what we will do in the future. As Ray Sigorta, we have just getting started. We continue on our way with firm steps in order to do better always in terms of strong relations, sustainable success, and the most accurate application of innovation to business processes, and to move our industry forward as well with what we do.”

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