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We offer coverage to foreign nationals living in Turkey with the Foreigners Health Insurance, which allows them to benefit from health services in case of illness or accidental injury. Feel safe with Ray Sigorta, which offers wide coverage and comprehensive contracted health institution options.

Inpatient Treatment Coverage
Surgery Coverage

In cases where hospitalization is required due to surgery or disease treatment, the operating expenses, follow-up of the disease, and expenses such as examination, analysis, x-ray requested by the physician are covered.


The expenses for accommodation (room-meal) and nursing services during the stay in the hospital due to treatment cover all the services for diagnosis and treatment.

*Valid for each full day of stay in the hospital.


Bed and meal expenses of the person accompanying the insured are covered.

*The need for a companion is required to be explained by the physician, and the insurance company's approval is required.

Hospitalization for Medical Treatment

Except for surgery, the cases where the treatment to be applied require staying in the hospital or intensive care unit are covered.

Auxiliary Medical Material

The medical supplies necessary to support the treatment of the insured are covered.

Small Interventions

Consultation and physician's fees for surgical and orthopedic interventions that do not require hospitalization of the insured are covered.

*Includes small interventions up to 149 units according to the Medical Practices Database Fare (HUV) tariff.

Intensive Care Coverage

In cases where the insured treatment needs to be continued in the intensive care unit, the hospitalization costs are covered.

Artificial Limb Coverage

Expenses for artificial limbs (artificial hand, arm, leg, eye, and prostheses without aesthetic purposes) to be used in the treatment of an organ, the functionality of which has been lost as due to an accident or disease that occurred during the policy period, are covered within the limit and rate specified in the policy.

Coronary Angiography, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Dialysis Expenses Coverage

It covers the blood tests, minor medical interventions, and expenses for any dialysis service required for radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment to be applied due to a cancer diagnosis.

*The disease must be covered by the policy beforehand.

Dental Treatment due to Traffic Accident Coverage

In the case of dental and oral injuries caused by traffic accidents, any treatment expense related to teeth and gums is covered within the limit and rate specified in the policy.

* It is valid in cases where an accident report issued by official institutions (judicial, administrative authorities) is submitted, and the treatment must be performed by dentists who are licensed to open a hospital, clinic, and/or private practice licensed by the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Health.

Home Care Coverage

After being discharged from the hospital, the expenses incurred when the insured is provided with medical service by a healthcare professional during the treatment process are covered within the specified coverage limit and application.

*It is valid if deemed necessary by the insured's treating physician and must be approved by a second or more physician(s) appointed by the insurance company.

Medical Consultancy and Ambulance Services

It covers the domestic emergency ambulance service offered free of charge to the insured and/or medical consultancy for any health problem.

Post-Operative Physiotherapy Coverage

Post-operative physical therapy expenses of the insured are covered.

*It is valid for physical therapy processes, where the surgery was covered within the scope of inpatient treatment and which are performed within 2 months after hospitalization.

Rehabilitation Coverage

The expenses related to the rehabilitation service provided for the insured to regain the vital activities lost due to his/her illness are covered.

*It is valid in case of inpatient treatment and requires the approval of the insurance company.

Outpatient Treatment Coverage
Physician Examination Coverage

The expenses related to the physician's examination in case of any health problem are covered within the limits and special conditions of the policy.

Medicine Coverage

In case of any health problem, the costs of the medicines prescribed based on the physician's examination are covered within the payment limit and rate specified per prescription.

Imaging Services Coverage

The expenses for X-ray, ultrasound, tomography, MRI, Angiography, MRI-guided angiography, Endoscopy, Cystoscopy, Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy, Scintigraphy, USG-guided biopsy, Audiogram, and similar procedures requested by the physician for the diagnosis of the disease and further examination, when deemed necessary, are covered within the specified payment limit and rate.

Laboratory Coverage

The expenses for tests, chemical materials, and medicines requested by the physician to diagnose the disease and further examination, when deemed necessary, are covered within the specified payment limit and rate.


The expenses incurred due to the health services provided in hospitals and physical therapy centers when deemed necessary by the physician are covered within the specified payment limit and rate.

*A medical report must be submitted.

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