Claim Procedures

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You are in the right place to make a claim for a damage or find out about your current claim status.

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1. Prepare the documents we will need during the claim process.
  • Insurance policy and premium receipts

  • Statement of the insured regarding the occurrence of damage

  • Claim showing the damage

  • Invoices of the damage

  • Fire brigade report (in case of fire)

  • The decision of non-prosecution from the Public Prosecutor’s Office

  • Police or gendarmerie report (in case of flood, theft, or fire)

  • A copy of the title deed for the homeowners

  • Lease contract for tenants

  • Photos of the damage

If necessary, additional information or documents may be requested from you in addition to the ones written above. Please click here for a detailed list.

2. Notify us of your claim, and we will create your file.

Ray Sigorta Call Center: 444 4 729

3. Note the file number informed by the Call Center.

In this way, you will be able to access information about the file as soon as possible.


Your mobile number will be used for all communications regarding your file. Please make sure the contact information provided during your inquiry is accurate and complete.

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